Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find parts?

Step 1 - select the Make of your Vehicle (Eg Honda, Holden, Toyota). This selection [--Select Make--] can be found at the upper-left of the web site under the Carmate logo. If you cannot find your manufacturer then we do not sell parts to directly fit your car. You can try selecting "Universal".
Step 2 - select the Model [--Select Model--] of your vehicle (Eg CRX, Commodore VT, Echo).
Step 3 - select the Year or Shape [--Select Year--] of your vehicle (Eg 1992-1998, Sedan, 1999-2003 3Dr). Click [Go].
Step 4 - select the specific Item you are interested in (Eg Front Bar, Rear Bar, Side Skirts). You can also select "View All" or "Universal". Items will initially be displayed in alphabetical order of their Description. Simply click on the photo of the part you're interested in for more info. If you're finding it difficult to search continue to Step 5.
Step 5 - You may also sort the items by "lowest price" (clicking on "Unit Price"), alphabetically by "part number" (clicking on "Part Number"), or alphabetically by "description" (clicking on "Part Description").

Can I order over the phone?
Unfortunately we do not accept orders over the phone. We also do not give prices over the phone. All prices are listed on the website. All price enquiries which are not listed on the website should be made via email at or in person at our Showroom (
766 Woodville Rd, Villawood, Sydney, NSW, 2165, Australia). For all phone enquiries please make sure you have your Invoice Number (Check - How do I buy parts?) or Part Number ready so that we can assist you as fast as possible.

How much is delivery?
You need to be logged in as a member (Check - How do I become a member?) so that our online delivery calculator knows your delivery address. Then simply add parts
(Check - How do I find parts?) to your shopping cart to check the delivery amount. The more parts you add, the bigger the delivery discount. If you are happy with the delivery quote then continue to checkout and buy your items. (Check - How do I pay for my items?). For all international orders please email for a delivery quote.

How do I buy parts?
You need to be logged in as a member
(Check - How do I become a member?) so that our online system knows how to contact you and where to deliver your parts. Simply add parts (Check - How do I find parts?) to your shopping cart, then continue to checkout and buy your items. (Check - How do I pay for my items?). You will be given a unique "Invoice Number" at the end of your order. You will need to quote this Invoice Number whenever you contact us about your order. At this stage you can also print your invoice.

What material are our parts made of?
Unless stated otherwise, all of the parts listed are made of FIBREGLASS. Photos shown of carbon items but not specified as CARBON in the item description will strictly be supplied in FIBREGLASS. If you are not sure, you can simply check the price (as a rough guide, carbon parts are approximately double the price of fibreglass). If you are still not certain, it's best to contact us at or (02)97231111 - (02)97231110 (International Customers (+612)97231111 - (+612)97231110) prior to placing your order.

How do I become a member?
First you'll need an email address which we can contact you on. This will be your username every time you log in. Click on the orange "Sign Up" link located in the home page. Fill in your details as accurately as possible then click "Join Now" at the bottom of the page. If you have filled out the form correctly, you may then login immediately. If you are finding this process difficult please email us at

I am not a member but I want to buy parts. What should I do?
The best way to buy parts is via the web site using your membership. However if this is not possible, you will have to come visit our Showroom (766 Woodville Rd, Villawood, Sydney, NSW, 2165,
Australia) since we do not accept orders over the phone. Please mention the internet-prices to our staff otherwise you may be charged showroom-prices which are more expensive due to the overheads associated with showrooms. Or contact your local panel beater, spray painter, fibreglasser, or smash repairer (preferably with bodykit experience), and have them buy the parts on your behalf.

I am a Qualified Tradesman. How do I become a trade member?
The days of sending faxed orders through are now numbered. We encourage tradesman to become trade-members and order via our online system. Advantages include- BIGGER DISCOUNTS compared to faxing an order through (there are greater overheads associated with processing faxed orders manually by our staff). You can also see your trade-prices immediately online (and delivery prices) after you logon, print your invoices online, plus faster and more accurate processing of orders. First you'll need to become a normal member (Check - How do I become a member?). Once your account is active, then you'll need to contact us with your email address and trade business details (eg panel beater, spray painter, fibreglasser, or smash repairer). Your details must be verified prior to enabling your trade account.

I am a Qualified Tradesman. Can I send a fax order?
Unfortunately we do not accept orders over the phone. We also do not give prices over the phone. We highly recommend ordering via the web site since you can receive BIGGER DISCOUNTS. (Check - I am a Qualified Tradesman. How do I become a trade member?). You can send a fax order through on (02)97231100 (International Customers (+612)97231100) however since these orders are manually processed Carmate is not liable for any errors which may occur in your order.
Click on the "Trade Order Fax Form" link located in the home page to download your fax order form. Please note that there is a $5 fee associated with all faxed orders. You will be faxed back an Invoice/Quotation within the same working day by one of our staff members. If you are happy with the Invoice/Quotation please contact us on (02)97231111 or (02)97231110 (International Customers (+612)97231111 or (+612)97231110) to organise your payment.

How do I pay for my items?
Before your order is confirmed, you will need to select how you want to pay for your parts. We do not accept orders over the phone however, we do accept all other forms of payment including Bank deposit, Money Order, Cheque (wait to clear before delivery), Credit card (paypal 2.5% surcharge). Bank deposit is used by 99% of our customers. Using this method is the fastest and most reliable. You will need to use the last four numbers of your "Invoice Number" as the Payment Reference (Check - How do I buy parts?). Make your bank deposit today and your payment should be verified the next working day. Once your payment is verified, our courier delivers all over
Australia and internationally with deliveries to Melbourne and Brisbane the next working day (Check - How long is delivery time?).

I have sent an email but have not received a response. Why?
We receive approximately 500 emails per day. Response time is approximately 24hrs to 72hrs. Check that you have sent it to the correct email address We recommend that all urgent enquiries be done over the phone on (02)97231111 or (02)97231110 (International Customers (+612)97231111 or (+612)97231110)

I have placed an order but have not received my parts. Why?
Your order will not be processed if we do not receive a verified payment. If a payment is not received within 10 working days then your order will automatically be cancelled. If your have made a payment, chances are that your order may still be in transit (Check - How long is delivery time?).
If you do not receive your part(s) within the quoted times, please contact us and quote your "Invoice Number" (Check - How do I buy parts?). By this time our system should have generated a tracking number (consignment note number). You will be given this number along with the contact details of our courier in your local area to help you electronically track your goods.

How long is delivery time?
Approximate delivery times are all quoted after confirmation of payment. Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holidays.
    New South Wales - Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, next working day.
New South Wales - Country, 2 to 3 working days.
    Victoria - Melbourne, next working day.
Victoria - Country, 2 to 3 working days.
    Queensland - Brisbane, Gold Coast, next working day.
Queensland - Country, North Queensland, 5 to 7 working days.
    Canberra, next working day.
    South Australia - Adelaide, 2 to 3 working days.
South Australia - Other, 5 to 7 working days.
    Tasmania, 5 to 10 working days.
    Western Australia - Perth, 3 to 5 working days.
Western Australia - Other, 5 to 7 working days.
    Northern Territory, 7 to 10 working days.

How much is painting and fitting?
Prices listed for our parts online are SUPPLIED ONLY. Painting and fitting is an ADDITIONAL COST. Unfortunately we only offer painting and fitting services to customers who visit our showroom. We also do not give prices over the phone. Approximate prices are quoted below. Prices may vary by 50% depending on size of part and colour. For exact pricing you will need to bring your car to our showroom.
Fitting only
    Bumper - $100 to $300
    Side Skirts (pair) - $60 to $180
    Lip - $60 to $180
    Rear Wing - $60 to $200 (double wing)
    Bonnet - $100 to $280 (with bonnet pins)
    Full kit - $400 (front, rear, and sides)
Painting only (2 tone additional $100)
    Bumper - $300
    Side Skirts (pair) - $200
    Lip - $200
    Rear Wing - $150 to $350 (double wing)
    Bonnet - $400
    Full kit - $700 (front, rear, and sides)
    Full car respays from $1500
Painting and Fitting
    Bumper - $400 to $750
    Side Skirts (pair) - $250 to $500
    Lip - $250 to $550
    Rear Wing - $200 to $480 (double wing)
    Bonnet - $400 to $880 (with bonnet pins)
    Full kit - $1000 (front, rear, and sides)

How long does painting and fitting take?
We offer a unique painting and fitting service. Come to our showroom and leave a deposit. We take a paint sample and paint code from your car (we cannot match your colour without this). Painting takes
2 to 5 working days depending on how busy our painter is. During this period you can continue to drive your car (unlike other panel shops which will inconveniently take your car off the road anywhere from 2 weeks to several months) Fitting then takes 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on what parts you are fitting.

Do you sell other parts?
Unfortunately the only parts we sell are the parts we list on our website.

Will my bodykit fit perfectly?
The average panel beater or spray painter may not necessarily know the ins and outs of fibreglass body kits. Body kits are a very specialised component of the automotive industry, that is why only a select few are capable of performing a reputable job. It is the difference between the side skirts sitting flush against the guards, the paint flaking off in a short period of time, pinholes and stress cracks that can occur on a rush job to the smooth perfection of a professional. If a job is not performed correctly the first time it is an inconvenience and a financial burden to repeat the process. Therefore we recommend that all work is completed by us so that it can be warranted from start to finish. If you are interstate we have preferred outlets, however the choice is yours.

How do I know what products are illegal for road use?
All products on this site are intended for race use only, and it is the owner's responsibility to be aware of the legalities of fitting these products in his or her state/territory regarding noise, emissions and vehicle modifications.

Damages during freight?
Our express courier does offer insurance for parts LOST in transit. This service is included FREE in your delivery price. However, although greatest care is taken during delivery, our couriers do not offer insurance for parts DAMAGED during transit. Prior to leaving our warehouse, all products are double-checked thoroughly by our quality control staff. Whenever transporting a fibreglass bodykit, there is always a very minor risk of damage (approximately 1%). We at Carmate take as much precaution as seen fit to preserve the product to ensure its safe journey without applying extra packaging costs. The safety of the kit is as important to us as it is to you. If you require full insurance then we recommend that you organize your own delivery.
(Check - Can I organise my own delivery?)

Can I organise my own delivery?
Yes you can. Please notify us in the comments section of your order that you want to organise your own delivery and you will contacted by one of our staff members as soon as your payment is verified (payment for the total amount less delivery).

International Only - Can we freight it from Australia to USA, ASIA or EUROPE?
Yes we can! We can freight it anywhere in the WORLD, no problem. Just ask us! TO ANYWHERE!

International Only - How much is just the air freight for international?
Carmate are not common carriers. All goods supplied by us become the responsibility of you the customer (including freight charges) upon despatch from our premises. The despatch of the goods will be by your nominated freight company or be via companies regularly used by us. Kits are packaged carefully but if insurance is required, we recommend that customers organise their own delivery. Please contact us directly for a quote for more accurate international freight. NOTE: All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated.

International Only - How do we send a bodykit overseas?
EASY! We have sized, cardboard boxes pre-cut with double-stapled hinges to ensure your bodykit gets there safely. The box sizes are measured so we can save as many square meters on the airplane. After all, who really wants to pay freight costs? We pack the boxes neatly and tightly to save you money.

International Only - How long will it take?
Not that long! To get it to
USA, ASIA or EUROPE the current flight time table works like this:
Flights leave Sydney International airport on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So, if your package leaves on a Wednesday, it will reach your country by Friday. Your package then goes through the time-consuming process of going through customs. The Customs process usually takes around 7-14 working days depending which country and variables such as holiday periods and backlog may affect the time it takes. We expect a turn around of ABSOLUTELY NO MORE than 3 weeks.

International Only - Customs and import tax charges?
Yes, we know they are no fun - but they are necessary. After it is cleared, the carrier will contact you personally to inform you they are ready to deliver your parcel. They will also have calculated from the invoice the customs fee and import tax charge. We at Carmate have no control over this matter; it is determined by the laws that govern your country. Each bodykit import/export will require tax and custom surcharges. This will vary from country to country. You will need to pay the fees in order to receive the parcel.

International Only - Can we help you reduce the amount of tax being paid?
Yes, but you need to call us on
(+612)97231111 or (+612)97231110.